Sea, Land and Spirit: the secrets behind a successful holiday in the Gargano

A week-long holiday in the Gargano is more similar to a 3-week one. This land has many souls and is capable of attracting people from every corner of the globe each year, all of whom aim to understand its magic.

This magic is quickly explained:  the Gargano combines various fascinating elements, such as the extraordinary beauty of its sea (a true mystery to be explored in thousands of marine grottoes!), the lush vegetation of its hinterland, characterized by the solemn Umbra Forest and its amazing doline, or the spiritual calling of its major religious centres: Monte Sant’Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo, above all.

Marine Grottoes

Enjoy a day of incredible marvel by travelling eastwards up the Gargano Coast: between Peschici and Vieste, especially, but even further on, towards Mattinata, you will have the chance to see a large number of marine grottoes. The karst phenomena in the Gargano has given birth to natural scenarios capable of rivalling even the most inspired artists!  


Jeep Safari in the Umbra Forest

If you are looking for something more than the blue of the sea, you can set off for the  Umbra Forest (its name comes from Ombra, shadow), the largest green stretch of the area, where numerous protected species can be found and you can observe the largest European variety of wild orchids.


Seeking the Other, the Beyond and ourselves

If you are looking for a moment of intimate reflection and magic, you can follow ancient trails leading to the sanctuary of Saint Michael, in Monte Sant’Angelo, nearby the cave where the Saint reportedly made his apparition, or towards San Giovanni Rotondo, closely related to the much beloved figure of Padre Pio from Pietrelcina (Saint Pius).


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