Isole Tremiti, Puglia

An unmissable trip for visitors looking to discover the Gargano

By taking a 40-minute ferry trip from Rodi Garganico you will arrive in the Isole Tremiti, an unmissable trip during your holiday by the seaside in the Gargano.

The municipality of the Isole Tremiti is part of the National Park of the Gargano and part of its territory is protected by the Natural Marine Reserve.

We are therefore speaking of a corner of heaven, just a few minutes away from the coast of Rodi Garganico, a unique opportunity to enrich your next holiday by the seaside in the Puglia region.

The 5 Islands of the Archipelago:

Although many areas of the Isole Tremiti are protected by the Marine Reserve, these islands offer many places for diving and discovering their amazing fish population and underwater landscapes!

What to do in the Isole Tremiti

There are many things to do in the Isole Tremiti (apart from admiring their beauty, obviously!). You could walk to the Fortress of San Nicola or take a panoramic tour of the Island of San Domino (an itinerary amounting to approximately 5 km); or you could take a boat ride to the grottoes (including the caves known as the bue marino, delle viole or delle rondinelle).

Make the most of our ticket service, and buy tickets to visit the Isole Tremiti – leaving from the port of Rodi Garganico - directly from the reception of the Mizar Hotel!

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