The Tremiti Islands
An unmissable excursion, for those who want to discover the Gargano

The Tremiti Islands

An unmissable excursion, for those who want to discover the Gargano

After just 40 minutes by ferry fromRodi Garganico you will already be at the Tremiti Islands, for an unmissable excursion during your beach holiday in the Gargano.
The municipality of the Tremiti Islands is part of theGargano National Park and part of its territory is protected by the marine nature reserve.
We are therefore talking about a small paradise just a few minutes from the coast of Rodi Garganico: a unique opportunity to enrichyour next beach holiday in Puglia.

The 5 Islands of the Archipelago

  • San Domino, the largest and most inhabited
  • San Nicola, where the town hall and some monuments of interest can be found
  • Capraia, the second largest, but uninhabited
  • Pianosa, a kind of rocky plateau, also completely uninhabited (it is under the protection of the Integral Marine Reserve, with a ban on bathing and navigation)
  • Cretaccio, the last of the Tremiti Islands, a large rock a short distance from San Domino and San Nicola

Despite there being many areas of the the Tremiti Islands that are protected by the Marine Reserve, there are others where it is still possible to dive and discover an extraordinary wealth of fish and nature!

Do you have a boat license?
Then you can easily reach the Tremiti Islands from the tourist port of Rodi Gargano by renting a rubber dinghy.

What to do in the Tremiti Islands

There are many ideas on what to do in the Tremiti Islands (besides admiring the beauty, of course!).

On foot you could visit the Fortress of San Nicola or take a panoramic route of theIsland of San Domino (about 5 km); by boat instead you can reach the caves (such as that of the Bue Marino, Viole or the Rondinelle).

Take advantage of our in-hotel ticket serviceat reception, where you can purchase tickets to visit the Tremiti Islandsleaving from the port of Rodi Garganico!

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