Discover the Gargano
OK so there’s the incredible sea; but what about the rest of the Gargano area?

Discover the Gargano

OK so there’s the incredible sea; but what about the rest of the Gargano area?

Spending aweek’s holiday in the Gargano and not moving from the beach is like buying a Ferrari and then never going higher than second gear. In fact, this land has a number of soulsthat every year, attract people from various parts of Italy and the world eager to discover its magic.

And the magic is soon explained: the Gargano manages to combine a variety of charming elements,such as the extraordinary beauty of its sea (which becomes a mystery to be explored when it creeps into its thousand sea caves!); the luxuriant green of its hinterland, where the Umbra Forest grows solemnly, hiding incredible potholes; or the spiritual appeal of its great centres of worship: Monte Sant’Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo, above all.

Ok, enough, I seem like a high school geography teacher! You will have to see for yourself!


Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites

If you love the UNESCO-protected beauties of Italy, then you can visit three of them not far from here: the Sanctuary of San Michele (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011), the Umbra Forest (since 2017) andCastel Fiorentino,in the city of Torremaggiore (since 2017).

The Sea Caves

Treat yourself to an incredibly wondrous day wandering the Gargano coasteastwards: from Peschici to Vieste, above all, but also continuing further, towards Mattinata, you will encounter a myriad of sea caves. The Gargano karst has created natural settings that fearlessly challenge the most inspired artists!



Jeep Safari in the Umbra Forest

If you are looking for something more than the infinite blues of the sea, here you can depart for the Umbra Forest (name that derives from Ombra – Shadow), the largest green lung of the territory, where numerous species of protected animals live, and you can encounter the largest variety of wild orchids in Europe..

Alternatively, as an excursion we recommend a tour of Lake Varano.

In search of the Other, the Beyond and oneself

For a magical moment of intimate reflection, retracing ancient paths, you can go to the aforementioned sanctuary of San Michele, in Monte Sant’Angelo, near the cave where the Saint is said to have appeared, or to San Giovanni Rotondo, whose name is inextricably linked to the beloved figure of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina (San Pio).



Tremiti Islands

You can’t miss them! You can’t miss them! They are right in front of you, just 40 minutes away by ferry. It is one of the most famous archipelagos in Italy, a spectacular setting for incredible selfies that will make your friends die of envy. Did you know that Lucio Dalla also had a house and boat in the Tremiti Islands and that sitting on the cliff of the Island of San Domino, he composed the legendary song “Com’è profondo il mare” (How deep is the sea)?
A tip: if you have a boat license, you can set out from the marina and reach the Tremiti Islands by motorboat.

Peschici and Vieste

In a splendid position overlooking the sea, famous for its white houses, Peschici is also famous for its trabuccos (old fishing machinery).
Vieste will also amaze you with the beauty of its alleys, lighthouse, caves and the Architiello.



Varano and Lesina lakes

If you can’t decide whether to go to the sea or the lake. Then consider fitting in an excursion to the nearby Lakes of Varano and Lesina. They are a unique sight of the Italian scenery: very particular because they are separated from the sea by a thin strip of land. This characteristic makes their waters salty. They are also famous for the typical mussels (those that make our dishes so delicious!).


It is a slightly more distant destination (an hour’s drive) from our hotel, but it should still be considered. For example, you could admire the Basilica of Siponto in the evening. Don’t worry! It’s not one of those over-cultural visits. On the contrary: thanks to an incredible artistic installation by Edoardo Tresoldi, you can experience the incredible emotion of the three-dimensional church. Then, of course, there is a walk on the beautiful promenade, full of the best cafes.




A beautiful town slightly raised above sea level, which can be found between the Umbra Forest and Lake Varano. In addition to the beauty of the town, where the Apulian Baroque stands out, Carpino is famous for its link with music, well represented by the international appeal of the Carpino Folk Festival..
Durante la tua passeggiata ti può capitare di trovare in qualche angolo o piazzetta i suonatori di
During your walk, you may find the players of beating guitars around a corner or in a square, a tradition that has been handed down through the generations for centuries.

Vico del Gargano

Not far from Rodi Garganico, it is a gem included among themost beautiful villages in Italy”.. It is a wonderful sight thanks to the typical architecture of the hilltop villages of southern Italy, but above all, it provides an excellent excuse to steal a kiss.. Just reach the legendary “Vicolo del Bacio” (kissing alley), where you will be forced to come closer together, considering it’s only 50 cm wide!
It is no coincidence that the patron saint of Vico del Gargano is…
Saint Valentine


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